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Deeper: Cancel Culture

You down with Cancel Culture? Before you answer, will you dare look in the mirror? Are you religious? Then you are more than likely into cancel culture. Yes, religion is a common denominator for cancel culture. Just study history. Now, before you get your undies too much in a bunch. Atheists are religious. Wait, what?! Atheists are religious? So are Muslims, Mormons, Buddhists, Hindus, Jews, Christians, fill in the ___________ of the religion you think of when you think religious. As for atheists and agnostics, they are religious. Their religions are themselves, ideals and ways of the world. If you go against them, odds are they want to cancel you. Countless hours invested with passion of why you are dumb to believe. If you don't think a certain way, talk like this, believe that - canceled. Some of you are hybrid, maybe you go to a Christian church. Is God really your #1? You really living out Matt 22: 36-40? Or is your job your religion? Money? Girlfriend? Political movement? Food? Alcohol? Porn? If you are reading this, 100% you are worshiping something(s).

Jesus was canceled. Not just canceled, nailed to a cross. For what? You and everyone mentioned above including flawed me writing this (Rom 3:23). If you are still reading this and didn't cancel yet, click here for Casey's latest message on the subject and the bigger picture. Then you will choose what/who you will continue to worship...


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