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Depression is as real as Cancer

If you have stuck with us long enough then you have heard us say that depression/anxiety is as real as cancer. It can be just as deadly too. With COVID, economic challenges, social tensions, we have absolutely seen a wave of prayer requests and people desperately needing hope. The good news is that God is in the hope business. If you are a skeptic of that, then we'll encourage you to take a deeper look and listen.

We'll also encourage you to get help. If you have a tooth ache you go to the dentist. If you are sick, you go to a doctor. Ask around for that right pastor and/or therapist that specializes in lifting people out of darkness. Your local Christian church should have a ton of resources and recommendations. Of course, and most important, lift to God. Lift those negatives. Boldly ask for Light and the right path. See Phil 4: 6-7 and Rom 8:28.

If you know someone down or simply needs a lift, will you share this with them? This is another excellent listen...


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