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"Every Marriage is...Flawed" is published

It is done! Published. We can now move on to other Dude subjects. Haha! Do you have that thing on your 'To Do' list for too long? You are either scared to tackle it and/or you keep procrastinating. That would be this project. Most of this book was written about 10 years ago with tears streaming down my face. On the flip side, scared to publish it. Scared for critique and offending others. Choosing to be 'too busy' with other things and procrastination. BTW, 'busy' simply reflects your priorities. Then a guy named Greg and a vision called or also known as GcrossSurf got my butt in gear. This vision born so long ago became a priority. What vision or calling or 'bucket list item' have you had that is collecting digital or mental dust? No more 'What Ifs'. This may be a flaming piece of crap. At least there will be no more 'What IF' on this one.

For those married, will you listen to this? I understand that 27 chapters can be daunting. Most of them are short and sometimes not so sweet. Better yet, will you and your spouse listen to it? Best yet, your couples group? If you don't have one, form one. Knowing you are not alone with your issues is priceless and empowering.

You don't have to like it. Hey, dislike it together. Simply use it as a tool to make sure you two are on the same page...a united front...

Here are the chapters in order...


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