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How the FriDude Party Got Started

  • How did the FriDude party get started? FriDudes has been going for over 20 years now, thanks be to God. Two Dudes met at an Alpha course at Hosanna, Lakeville, MN and decided to start a group to encourage others. An 'open door' format where Flawed Dudes can gather, be vulnerable with trusted others and seek Truth with Christ at its foundation.

  • The podcast version, in its third season, started with two catalysts. One, a daughter named Eva that was always intrigued by Dads gathering and sharing best practices to be better husbands, fathers, etc. She asked, "Why don't you record it to help other Dads, Dudes and anyone else needing encouragement and hope?"

  • Another major catalyst was the Master's Program. The Master's Program is designed to connect with marketplace professionals, by combining business experience and individual strengths with personal interest in Kingdom opportunities. (Rockin' Rick, Patrick and TommyP are alums).

  • Part of that Master's Program was a book called "The Kingdom Assignment' by Denny and Leesa Bellesi. We were given $100 to invest in a kingdom ministry for Christ. So, invested in a microphone and the FriDudes podcast got started to encourage more Husbands, Dads, Disciples, Christians, Charities to make this broken planet a better place while we are here and end with Rev 21:4 in mind.

  • Gathering before what we knew what Covid 19 was. We huddled in a back room of a Perkins Restaurant somewhere in MN, USA. Bizarre to hear the "Killing Me Softly" song over the speakers, then going to Acts 2. Hearing the coffee poured. Pondering eclipses, and the sun, moon and the universe. We don't reject science like many reject us. True science seeks the Truth. It's why we have hypotheses and theories. True science will correct itself. Politicized science will not.

  • We even discuss mass shootings. In fact, I will encourage you to listen and share this episode every time a mass shooting happens and people ask 'Why?'. If you want to live in a society that pushes away God and each person makes themselves a God - that is called narcissism. The epitome of selfishness where people make their worst decisions. Do we really need more people thinking they are Gods? Even atheists contemplate that question.

  • We will tackle the toughest of subjects. Click here for a bunch of flawed dudes, getting real and pursuing Truth. Or go to your favorite podcast provider and search 'FriDudes', check 'BOTB: How the FriDude Party Got Started' republished on December 14, 2021.

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