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  • DJTommyP

Loving Your Kids' Mom

FriDudes, if you really believe in God and this Jesus Dude and promise then you are commanded to love God with all your soul, mind and heart and then your neighbor. Matt 22: 36-40. Guess who is your closest neighbor? Ideally, it is the mother of your children. That's God's design. For some, you now don't sleep next your children's mother. This post isn't meant to beat you up. Some of you didn't have a choice in the matter. Some of you did. Regardless of your situation, do you really want what is best for your kids? Then you will love your kids' Mom. Ideally, under the same roof. BTW, not just on "Mother's Day"; every day for the rest of your matter how hard it may be on certain days. That's the wild thing about Christianity. It is so counter intuitive. The world says worry about 'me'. Take care of 'me'. What's in it for 'me'. Jesus says to love on others. Jesus says to even pray for your enemies. Easier said than done. For those of you that still have your kids, their Mom and your wife under one roof, please, I beg of you to not take it for granted. Learn from others and work at it everyday. You are big boys now. Act like it...every day.


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