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Stronger: God is Not a Genie in a Bottle

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Yes! You are in and starting off 2021 Strong! Happy New Year! And in all sincerity, we are praying for a Stronger New Year for you. Strong start, strong Play of the Day, here you go...

Whoa and Word! Thank you Pastor Rick for that strong message and challenge. Some of you, including myself are in the shallows of life too much. Some think God is a genie in a bottle. He either grants my wishes or he doesn't exist. God is not your Genie in a bottle. God wants you to grow. God will challenge you. God doesn't want everything to be simple for you. God doesn't want you to be a spoiled little brat hanging in the kiddy beach all your life.

Truth, we all have areas in life where we need to put "Big Boy Pants" on. Think you don't? Well, there is your answer. You need 'Big Boy Pants' for your own ego. Truth, we all have areas to get stronger. So Pop Quiz...

  • Could you be stronger and deeper in your Faith?

  • Are you fully living your Life's Purpose? Do you even know your purpose? Are you up to further discovering that?

  • Could you read the Bible more? Do you really understand it? Can you communicate it effectively?

  • How are you at selling Hope? Do you know the Gospel? How many people did you encourage with it in 2020?

  • For those married, is your marriage the best it has ever been?

  • For those with kids, could your relationships be stronger?

  • Could you better love and serve your neighbors?

  • Is there a friend or loved one in your life that needs more encouragement and love in 2021?

  • Could you eat better? Do you need to cut alcohol or eliminate it all together? Have you ever tried fasting?

  • Are you investing more time into social media and/or porn than your God and your spouse and family?

  • Could you spend less and give/save more money?

  • Oh man, did I offend you yet? Touch a nerve? Be set free that we are all flawed, we all have room to get stronger. Romans 3:23. It is also why we need a savior.

  • As you may already know, FriDudes are in the Hope and encouragement business. We are here to help build you up, 1 Thes 5:11. In turn, you help build others up. That is part of your call and life purpose.

  • So assignment, listen to those questions again. Will you pray on them? Will you dare ask God where you can be stronger in 2021? Listen, start writing it down and stick with us and the Stronger series. We have a ton of inspiring content to further build you up.

Oh and if you digged that Play of the Day, check out 'Daily Hope', "What Happens When You Have Faith - Part 3", 2:07 - 5:07, published, 12/30/20

Ending on a song note, you are still here. You are not done. The darkness surrounds you. The shame is unbearable for some of you. To move forward, you and I need a 'Savior'. You are stronger with a Savior. In fact, anything is possible with this Savior. Check John 3:16. Check this song, 'Savior' by the Social Club Misfits and Jeremy Camp. This is from their 'Feared by Hell' album. Bold album cover. If you Dig, add it to your 'Stronger' Play List. Now, go, assess your gaps/weaknesses, pray on where you can be stronger in 2021 and beyond, write it down, share with some trusted confidants, let's grow!


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