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Fasting: That Sounds Weird!

Americans are really good at eating. Too good. On the flip side, when I heard about the concept of 'Fasting', I thought it was weird. For most of us, it is weird. After some prompting and encouragement from Jogging Jesus (Casey), I started dabbling in it. This is what I've learned thus far...

  • What's the opposite of Fasting? Gluttony. You ever noticed when you overeat or over drink that you feel sluggish and non-productive? Exactly.

  • Now I'm seeing more and more science talking abut the benefits of fasting or intermittent fasting.

  • For any newbies, start simple. Start with missing a meal. Or go without sugar. Then try for 24 hours.

  • Of course, if you have any underlying conditions, consult with a physician first.

  • How much do we really need to eat? We can go on a lot less. Fasting has taught me that I don't need to eat so much. In fact, I've actually ran 3-5 miles each day on a three-day fast.

  • Deep Thought: If we actually only ate what we should (for the most part). Could we solve world hunger with our excess while shedding our fat? Could we drastically reduce diabetes? Heart attacks? Cancer?

  • For me, the first 24 hours of a fast are the hardest.

  • Keeping with the weird theme, I actually get more energy and less hungry after the next few days.

  • Yes, eventually you will get sluggish after a pro-longed fast (more than a week). Your body needs energy...eventually.

  • I get way more clarity and inspiration for ideas.

  • Purpose: Almost every time I have fasted has been for someone or something suffering. For example, it has been for race relations or our country or for a recent group suffering from depression/mental illness.

  • Okay Smarty Pants: Yes, we still have those issues. However, I've received clarity on what I can control and whom I should encourage.

  • When I have my A-game, I'm lifting a prayer for those with each stomach growl or time I think of food.

  • Lastly, it is Biblical. According to this LifeWay source. The Bible mentions fasting 77 times. Interesting number.

  • Jesus Freaks: Jesus fasted for 40 Days and Nights! See Matt 4. Wow! I'm guessing most of you can make it 24 hours.

Bonus: Starting in my 30's, I started eating way more protein and healthy vegetables (greens, colors, strong in vitamins and antioxidants). I feel way better! I guess that is in a way a form of fasting (from junk). For those that love junk, don't fret. I'll still let it fly on the weekend. Due to this change, I'm still in the fit category.

Overall, I don't mean to boast. The Bible says we also shouldn't do that. Just striving to encourage you and share some observations. Your choice. Your life. You answer to God, not me.

Lastly, if you have a best practice or insight to share on 'Fasting', can you enter in the comments section of this post. Yes, you need to be a member to contribute. It costs you nothing. Just need to create a 'Log In' and actually 'Log In'. Let's go!

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