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Operation: Bitter or Better

  • Thanks for joining us this week. You frustrated with others lately? Angry? Depressed? Anxious? This is your listen. If not, you know someone that is and perhaps you can share and help encourage them? One cannot get stronger without resistance. It is all a matter of perspective. Click here to listen to the latest on the subject of bitter or better.

  • Word! You ready to change what you can change? G has a blueprint and program that works. If you would like to join and help shape the program and yourself, please sign up at and put in the message box, "Operations: Bitter or Better". You cannot control everything around you. You can definitely control you and how you react. That's the Truth Ruth!

  • Special shout out to our listeners in CA. You are currently our #1 market. Thank you for sharing! If you are not subscribed yet, you can subscribe to FriDudes at Apple, Stitcher, Spotify or at

  • Ending on a song note, congrats to Jake and Miyay on their wedding! From the heart, may this message bless your marriage and every marriage listening to this. Over time frustrations and grudges can build, as much as you want to change your spouse, you can only encourage them. Ultimately is is their choice. Ultimately, it is your choice to change what you can change, most notably you and your reactions. A Jesus-centered marriage works! Check out Matt 7:24-27. "Clean" by Natalie Grant was the song sung by Jared to Jake and Miyay.


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