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Please Don't Kill Math

Preface: At FriDudes we seek truth. What works and doesn't in life. You'll also see that we admit we are flawed. Truth, we are all flawed to some degree. Hence, why we need guidance and seek wisdom. Sometimes we get it right. Sometimes we get it wrong. As for this editorial opinion, some FriDudes may agree with me, some may not. May we never cease to pursue Truth. Here you hear the audio podcast version of this, click here...

Please don't kill math! "But, I just feel..." Emotions and feelings over statistics can be a scary thing. Wait, is this a Christian or Atheist blog? We love math! Well, most of us. At least us critical/logical thinkers. So maybe you are an atheist or maybe you are Christian, if you love math, welcome! Math is truth. 2+2 = 4. True? Of course. Do you want Truth? If you are smart, you say yes. Math explains a lot about this world...distance, speed, velocity, aka physics. To me, math just like DNA is proof that there is a designer behind all other words God. There's a lot that can be explained with formulas yet we take it for granted. Some people think math just appeared out of nowhere. Atheists, you may think this world and universe just appeared out nowhere. If you agree with that then math also came out of nowhere. Math will also tell you we sit exactly the perfect distance from the sun to support life. Yet most of us take all that for granted...just like our health and bodies. Yes, math also helps explain diseases and what is most likely to kill us.

The Bible warns us about plagues and really any day could be our last. COVID is surging in the news as spikes continue. Truth, we knew this was going to happen as we open back up. Math told us that. Why are we surprised with this math? We were originally sold on flattening the initial curve...not hiding in a cave forever. So math said as we open back up, infections will rise. Math says we will either have 300 million+ infections in this country...eventually or the only way to solve COVID-19 is immunity and/or a vaccine. Speaking of math, a very, very interesting study by Stanford and UCLA and the latest stats. Argh, some of you are saying. You may be tired but I'm betting you will find these stats very interesting. Whether you like math or not, what is a real threat to you and your loved ones? You can find a link to this article on the show page at, published on 6/23/20...

The study found a person in a typical medium to large U.S. county who has a single random contact with another person has, on average, a 1 in 3,836 chance of being infected without social distancing, hand-washing or mask-wearing. If that sounds like a tolerable risk, consider the odds of being hospitalized. The study found a 50-to-64-year-old person who has a single random contact has, on average, a 1 in 852,000 chance of being hospitalized or a 1 in 19.1 million chance of dying based on rates as of the last week of May.

I know what some of you are thinking. That math doesn't add up. That math is estimated on a single random contact. Think bumping into someone on the street. Math is saying your greatest risk is more than likely prolonged exposure in tighter quarters to someone infected. Time and math will tell if that is true.

On the flip side, it is reported that as of 6/24/20, COVID has taken 120,000+ people in the United States. The news is all over the emotion of a greater loss than WWI. It will be interesting to see if investigative journalism will find the hospitals that marked some deaths as COVID to get the $34,000 bounty (despite the real cause of death). Is that true? We have witnesses that say it is true. Regardless, it is a serious number. The virus is very serious for those vulnerable. That is why we strive to do the right thing and protect one another and also strive to serve on another. Challenge, why do we pick and choose what is important via the news? We are more likely to click on what threatens us (perceived or not).

And the report did not attempt to compare the risk levels for infection, hospitalization and death from COVID-19 to other infectious diseases or potential dangers such as automobile accidents, which the authors acknowledged is a more difficult exercise. A 2017 report from the National Safety Council calculated the odds of a person dying in a motor vehicle crash at 1-in-114 and dying from a lightning strike at 1-in-161,856. But that’s over a lifetime, not just a single week. Now, if you heard on the "Are you Afraid to Die?" podcast, Casey doesn't sound so crazy now does he saying a prayer every time he gets in the car.

Extra side note, why has there never been a 'wealth vs. health' debate when you choose to drive, especially to work?

Deeper take and some serious math as per Team World Vision and our bold representatives in which Casey, Jared, Jake, Marcus, etc.) run. 1,000 people die everyday from lack of clean water. 1,000 people per day?! An estimated 365,000 deaths per year. Why is there no mass outrage on that? Why does the news not want to cover that? Why is there no 'wealth vs. health' debate on that front? Meanwhile a Christian, non-profit organization and 1,000's of people are tackling it. They are also true font-line heroes. Yet minimal to zero coverage in the news. Do you really care about social justice? Team World Vision tackles this at a worldwide level (love for all races and nations and creeds).

Do you really care that people are being killed just because of their skin color or creed? 1,000's of Christian are killed every year (of all skin colors) for what they believe. No outcry and limited news coverage on that as well.

Why are we sharing all this? Math. Truth. We humans love to twist math and maybe even ignore it so we can focus on what matters most to us. So here is something I guarantee almost every listener cares about. Math says you have a 100% chance of dying from something. Could be COVID. COVID is serious, especially for the vulnerable. So is lack of clean drinking water. So are car accidents. So is cancer or a heart attack. Way, way, way more likely it will be a car accident. At least 10X more likely to die of cancer. 20X more likely to die from heart disease. You can find that breakdown on 2/29, Corona Virus Breakdown.

So 100% chance of dying. Math says average life on this years is around 75 years. That is true. Truth, it is written in John 3:16 a promise for eternal life. It is true. Your choice to believe. Nobody can make you. "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, for whomever believe in him will have eternal life..." An eternal life free from the injustice and persecution and bias and hate and sickness and tears and so on.

If you are able, can you bow your heads and lift a prayer like this? Heavenly Father, this world can confuse me. Please forgive me for my mistakes. As I forgive others for their mistakes. I choose John 3:16. I choose the math and promise of 100% for eternal life in a world away from injustice and persecution and bias and hate and sickness and tears and son. May I also have more wisdom and clarity of what is true here on this broken planet.

BTW, if you already get above then how are you doing shining Light and encouraging others? Please pull my heart where you want me to help and serve more whether that be Team World Vision or right here in my neighborhood. Oh and thank you God for your math and formulas that point to a true designer. Amen!


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