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Sitting in the Harbor too Long?

  • Yes! You are in! How good of a boat are you if you just sit in the harbor? Better asked, are you designed to just sit in the harbor? What is your purpose and are you out there maximizing your design? ThursDudesPM are back! It is such a gift to be part of a group like this. I hope you are surrounding yourself with healthy AP's (accountability partners) that push and encourage you to live your best life. You've heard this 'Play of the Day' before, bringing it back and this time, click here to hear the ThursDudes react.

  • Word! So good! Special thanks to G-EZ, Young Buck Alex, Grant the Guide and David the Sage for this round. Young Buck Alex brings this saying to me after the recording, "Boat are safest in the harbor. That is not for what they are built." Strong! You are safest in the harbor. You are built to get out there. Your mission field is out there. God built you for a purpose. You are built to ride the waves of life.

  • Again, special thanks to Dr. Lorrits for his words of wisdom and inspiration. You are one of my favorite teachers. And I'll say this back to you, you being attacked, tells me you are standing up for Truth. For those with eyes to see and ears to hear, you are clear as a bell and it is beautiful. Keep going! God's best go through some of the worst. Please check him out at Bryan Lorrits Podcast.

  • Ending on a prayer note, Heavenly Father, thank you for AP's - accountability partners. We want them but we don't. Our anxiety tells us to sit in the harbor. Sometimes we need to be in the harbor (to rest and get repairs). Yet, you designed us to ride those waves of life. You built us to do some amazing things in Jesus name...things far beyond a title and just earning a bunch of dough. Thank you for this listener. They are not here by accident. Thank you for hope and inspiration and the wisdom of these dudes gathered in your name. Step by step, rep by rep, we get stronger. Amen!


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