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Updated: Jan 26

(Pictured above from right to left is Gerald, Jade, Cathy and Tom. Working together and serving Matt 25:40. Providing clean clothes and showers via

Greetings from Crazy Cali! For those of you convinced that California is going to hell in a hand basket, here are some insights for you. If they are, well, unfortunately, your state is most likely to follow. When you look at California, you are looking ahead in about 5 to 10 years. Whether you like California or not, they have influence. Good and bad. Just check the Oscar nominations, Emmy or Grammy awards. Or check Google or YouTube or Meta/FB/Instagram or SnapChat or _________. Ok, maybe you try or do avoid them. Yet all prominent forces from the Golden State. Odds are you are convinced that California is a modern day Nineveh or Sodom and Gomorrah...aka Cray. Okay Bible nerds, what did Jonah do? Do you know what Corinth or Listra were like before Paul showed up?

Deeper take, if you are seriously concerned on which direction our country is going, are you better off sitting and isolated in your safe zone? Again, think Jonah. Or do you go in like the Paul or the Woman at that Well (we'll call her Paula for now)? Ok maybe not you, yet do you support the Paul's and Paula's that are doing the Lord's work in the state that concerns you the most?

How did California get this way anyway? Influencers. Influencers before social media even existed. Paul and Barnabas were influencers. Still are via the Word. So either you give up, be influenced or step up and influence. Where better to lovingly preach the Good News than in one of the most influential states and lands in this country? You want to change America? Many will say this is exactly one of the prime areas to focus.

Lost cause? Were the disciples' actions in the New Testament a lost cause? Or are you even reading this because of those actions/influencers by the many generations that led to your time? If you want to be encouraged by what's going on in California, stay tuned. Pastor Joe (Indio, CA), Pastor Ricky's Play of the Day, Gerald, Kenny, some very inspiring stories going live or now found on the FriDudes Podcast. This will help fortify your heart and Faith vs. what CNN or Fox may be sharing on this same land. Your choice.

1 Thes 5:11


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