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An Amazing Affair Story

For marriages, one odd benefit of COVID-19 is that it is a lot harder to physically cheat on your spouse and kids.

On the flip side, some of you are going down a slippery slope of more digital flirting as you ignore your own marriage/family.

This is one of the craziest 'marital affair' testimonies that I've ever heard.  If you choose to listen to #1 below, it will rock your world.  #2 will blow you away.

We have a saying here, if you haven't had marital troubles, you haven't been married long enough.  Two flawed people will inevitably create flawed situations.

When I neglect my spouse, there is a price.  If you neglect and fade long enough, someone else is going to come along and start saying the right things to capture your spouse's attention.  It's why only 25% if that, really make a marriage work.

We know Matt 7:  24-27 is a crucial key message to make a marriage work.  However, much easier 'said' than 'done'.

May this podcast further inspire someone you know and/or love...

Overcoming the Obstacles of Infidelity (Part 1 of 2) Bob and Audrey Meisner share the dramatic story of how their seemingly "perfect" marriage was nearly destroyed by an affair. They offer hope for marriages damaged by infidelity as they describe how God's grace led them along the hard road to reconciliation and restored their marriage. (Part 1 of 2) 

For more marriage insights...



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