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An Atheist's Guide to Marriage

Not a God person? Ok, I understand. To my atheist friends, thank you for making it even this far. You have come to your atheistic conclusion based on logic. So, for the sake of logic, at least factor this for marriage…

  • If you are married, you married a flawed person.

  • If you answered ‘NO’ to above, you have not been married long enough yet.

  • Therefore, if you married a flawed person, then you would be a fool to put all your faith into flaws.

  • Sooner or later, you will become disillusioned by the unmet expectations of your spouse.

  • The only way you can deal with unmet expectations (realistic or not) is with mercy.

  • You have to forgive to move on.

  • Believer or non-believer, if you refuse to forgive. You will harbor that wrong.

  • Resentment builds and will turn into anger. You will beat up that person verbally with that wrong.

  • Spouse can only take that abuse for so long. Fade kicks in. Marriage done.

For any atheists that have been guilt checked by their Christian "friends".  You have my permission to hold them accountable with below (especially your Christian friends that have chosen to divorce).  Ask them if they are doing the following.  Here is what the Christians' Owner’s Manual says…

  • Love God.

  • Love your neighbor (especially your spouse as she/he is your CLOSEST neighbor).

  • Serve your spouse.

  • Your spouse should also serve your needs.

  • Storms will come. So what kind of foundation is your house built upon? o Google Matt 7: 24-27

  • You are both flawed.  Google Rom 3:23.

  • The only way you can live with flaws is with the gift to fix.

  • The way you fix is to forgive.

  • Christians are commanded to forgive.  They must forgive to be forgiven.  Google Matt 6:  14-15.

  • Repeat above continually. Correct and prevent major mistakes.  Embrace an imperfect marriage that strives to improve (both sides).

Warning:  Abuse is not tolerated.  The above guide does not give one permission to abuse or hurt one over and over.  Check #1 and #2, if you love God and love others, you won't/shouldn't be abusing anyway.  Wrongs such as physical abuse, addiction, etc., need to recognized, repented and corrected.


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