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  • DJTommyP

C'mon! You really think there is a heaven?

Skeptics, a riveting listen by a former agnostic. As we say, easy to debate God, hard to argue results. Studies and documentation of people who died and then came back. Yes, we know the theories on brain chemistry when one dies. We also know countless case studies/reports of what happens when one comes back from death that reflect this listen. In fact, planting a future seed, remind me to tell you the case study of my Uncle Keith. Until then, how about the theory that there very well could be a dimension after this life on this sometimes very frustrating, broken planet? If a skeptic, would you give it a shot and judge

? If you are a believer, would you share with your favorite skeptic and discuss? Why a favorite? Your heart chooses someone that you know you would love to invest eternity together - not just on this broken planet.


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