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Change without Pain?

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

PAIN! Most of us will avoid it. We'll dull it. Numb it. How many of you delayed pain to avoid a dentist, doctor or therapist? Were you better off just complaining about the pain or doing something about it? Pain can have a purpose. It can tell you something is wrong. Truth, many of you are stronger from pain. It forced step your game up.

Of course, certain pain is designed to tell you to rest and heal. Usually, pain means you best be doing something different. What do you need to change? Typically we won't change something we need until the pain is greater than the pain to change the status quo. We take some inspiration from the Prodigal Son and a unique view from a man named Dr. Lorrits. As Dr. Lorrits astutely says, "God is not afraid to let you hit your head." What may make no sense at the time ends up being a major point of clarity. Intrigued? Check out the latest from "Pain without Change? episode. If you feel worthy, please share it with someone else looking to get stronger.


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