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Grit Don't Quit: Do you have something in common with Sauce Gardner?

Via, Greg encourages you to write down your life goals (rank them) and quality control check them with God...all of them...daily. Can you pray about your love life? Yes. Your career? Yes. Your retirement? Yes. What to do with the rest of your life? Yes. Phil 4: 6-7. Whether you like the NFL or not, check out this quote by rookie Sauce Gardner (CB NY Jets) making his first All-Pro Team...

"That's a big deal to me," Gardner told the AP. "It was one of my goals before training camp. It's something I pray for. I worked so hard for it. It's a true blessing for sure."

Intrigued? Then check out our #1 downloaded episode in 2022, "Stronger: Goals and Faith to Achieve Them"


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