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Deeper: A Look in the Mirror

First of all, that pic is freaky. Debated on using it. Truth, are you willing to look in the mirror and do you like what you see? If you are like most people, you don't like looking in the mirror. You don't like seeing the flaws outside or inside.

Here is the Good News. "There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus". Romans 8:1. That is an amazing promise. Romans 3:23 says you are all flawed. We are a bunch of flawed dudes and dudettes. Every single one of us. Explains all the problems of this world. So if you are flawed and they are flawed, why are we judging so much? If we all need mercy and grace as promised in Romans 8:1, why do we attack others? Are you really a Jesus follower? Jesus encouraged. Jesus says love is greatest of all. Jesus says to Love God and Love Others. Jesus met people where they were at. Think woman at the well or the woman under trial for adultery or what he prayed when being mocked while being nailed to a cross. If there was a time to attack that would be it. Instead any anger and frustration was with the religious elite. The hypocrites. The ones that judged others and put rules more important than loving others. That's the Truth Ruth and Fact Jack!

Own your mistakes. Lift to God and apologize to those you went after. Be more Jesus and less religious hypocrite judge. As the famous evangelist Billy Graham once stated, "I'm not in management. I'm in sales". So how are you selling Jesus? Are you helping encourage more or condemning more?

Want to go Deeper? Great! Check out the latest or listen again when you get into that pit of despair and bitterness. This life is a test. If you are feeling broken into pieces or know someone that is, here is the listen for that.

May we encourage one another and build each other up. 1 Thes 5:11


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