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Deeper: Hot Buttons and Seeing Things Different

  • Yes! You are in! Deeper! Casey aka the Jogging Jesus is back. No, he's not the real Jesus. He just kinda looks like what we think Jesus looks like. Plus he does jog, has raised thousands of dollars for clean water via Team World Vision and will randomly pray for strangers on his runs.

  • So, what I love about Casey is that he won't sugar coat. I'm going to encourage you to listen 'ALL' the way through. I love the way Casey opens up talking about his love for the United States, our freedoms and for those that seek to protect us. As he continues, you may bristle like I did with having to review some history. Hey, sometimes we don't like looking back. Yet the wise will learn from their mistakes. History can be a great teacher so we don't make the same mistakes. As I shared back on Veteran's Day 2020, I challenge anyone to show me a more diverse country with the same freedoms. You can't. I don't see anyone looking like Barak Obama that has led China or Japan or Saudi Arabia or England or even Canada! Not yet.

  • Oh right, Casey, sorry. This dude tackle racism, word play, abortion, bullies, just about every 'hot button' that people go nuts over. And he does it with grace. So without further adieu, here is another Deeper sesh by Casey giving you some things that will make you go hmmmmmm...

  • Either click here for the podcast version or super bonus, click here for the special YouTube view.


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