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Deeper: You Matter

You matter. You absolutely matter! For you, a special message from Casey aka Jogging Jesus. In addition, a special invite for you...

Dear FriDude Family, thank you so much for signing up at There is so much stuff out there. A lot of buzz and nonsense...and that can be us at times. Hey, we are all flawed, right? Rom 3:23. When we have our "A" game, we are on point. We are in the Hope and Encouragement business. We want to build each other up 1 Thes 5:11. As you know, when you are part of a family you get invited to certain things that others don't. So a few questions on how we can best serve you?

  • Is there a topic or book that you would like us to tackle together?

  • What is your biggest doubt and/or struggle?

  • How can we pray for/serve you?

  • Would you like to be part of a future episode?

  • Are you bold enough to share your testimony? We'll record it. You can stay anonymous. Your story will benefit someone else. That is how God works, Rom 8:28.

  • Are you looking for a small group?

  • Are you looking to up your game?

You got the pull on one of those questions. Simply reply and let us know. The best families serve one another. If you are "good" for now, then will you share this invite with someone else that isn't?

From the heart, your brother from another mother,



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