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Do You Really Want to Solve Social Injustice?

  • First of all, what is social justice? What does that mean? We humans love to brand things. According to Oxford Languages Dictionary...

  • justice in terms of the distribution of wealth, opportunities, and privileges within a society. "individuality gives way to the struggle for social justice"

  • If you listen to the previous episode, you'll hear HotRod question why we are talking about fathers or stats when we should laser focus on social justice right now.

  • So, do we really want the solution to social justice? Do we really want to eliminate racism? I'm warning you right now. The problem is very deep. This goes much deeper than just passing some laws or abolishing a police department. The solution...some of you do not want to accept. If you really want to solve this, we are going to have to change hearts. Case in point, what was going on in the heart of the cop that kept leaning on George's neck? There is a deeper story there. Was his pride and ego too involved? When people were pleading for him to stop was his ego telling him to double down and that nobody was going to tell him what to do? I really don't know. Maybe, someday he'll tell the truth. Overall, you get where I'm going? What was going on in his heart? What's going on in your heart? For the avid listener, I'll tell you this, if we had more Phils or if you put a badge on Vaquero or Casey or Marcus or DT, etc., that would have not happened. Because these guys really care, they have Jesus in their hearts. That's social justice.

  • On the flip side, as we look at society, many of you ask, why are you bringing Fathers into this? Why are you bringing math into this? I think we would be fools if we don't. We would be fools to not factor economic and education disparities between the inner cities and suburbs. We pour millions into our inner city schools, why do they fail? Do we really want Truth? I'm serious with that question. Then we have to look at statistics and math. Just like how we best look at the numbers when striving to solve COVID. As we further crunch numbers, if you don't think debt vs. savings and the stress of paying bills factors in here, you are kidding yourself. If you've listened long enough, then you know that I'm the poster child of the dangers of debt. Please learn from me. I owe, I owe so off to work I go. I can't imagine that stress as a single parent/provider. God willing, I'll get to more younger families and encourage them to not repeat my mistakes. The importance of good financial management and implementing it. Correcting our schools and/or giving them a better option. That's social justice.

  • More on Fathers, they can absolutely be part of the solution. To be clear, in-tact fathers and father-figures, positive male role models/mentors that care. You want to solve economic disparity? Two loving, providing parents, one roof is a solution. Much easier to pay for one roof vs. two. With that in mind, may I say a shout out to all the single parents out there. You get this. You are working your butts off to make ends meet. For any men listening to this, are you stepping up? Are you in the home and in tune? Better yet, you can be a father-figure to more. Do you really want to solve this? Are you willing to be a mentor to a youth in need? If so, that is social justice.

  • As we look at law enforcement hearts, what is the heart of the students and our societies in general? Have you ever tried teaching/coaching a chlld that doesn't care? To be clear, that question is for all - not just the inner cities. We as a society are paying the price big time for broken homes. Anxiety is up. Depression is up. We have more kids medicated than ever. We need to solve and encourage hearts on both sides - that is social justice.

  • Racism is as old as time. Racism is a sin. I'm going to plug Pastor Ricky again of Southwest Church in Indian Wells, Ca. He gave a sermon on 6/2/20 called 'Gospel and Race'. Epic listen. That is absolutely part of the solution. In fact, I'll call it 'thee solution'. If we all got that, I do believe we would have social justice and racial harmony. Some will ask, who do you think you are? I'm just a flawed dude that has a heart to truly want to solve this. I love all races. I want solutions. I'm also smart enough to say don't just take my word for it. Listen to Pastor Ricky. Listen to what a black man says about our police, our hearts and best path forward.

  • We can pass all the legislation in the world, it takes hearts to follow and respect it. Love is greatest of all. Hate is the opposite of love. Do you really want to solve this? Actions with hearts speak louder than words. Patrick Ray is part of the solution and all that support him and his church. Pastor Ricky and countless other pastors are part of the solution. Brother Willly, Vaqueros, DT's, Caseys, G's, Phil's, Marcus', Peter's, Clifton, Dads like mine that taught me racism is wrong are part of the solution. Fathers that are truly tuned in and contributing are part of the solution. Jesus is the ultimate solution. I realize that rubs some of you the wrong way. Jesus is love. I beg of you not to confuse the one that truly loves you with the ones that hurt/betrayed you.

  • Do you really want to solve social justice? Would you boldly share this and then ask that person that you care about, what can we sign up for together to make a difference? Serve at a food shelf. Better yet, become a mentor. Impact some hearts.

  • If you can, will you bow your heads, Father, you know our hurts. You know the best path forward. We humbly ask for the wisdom and insight for the best path forward. For those hearts hardened, we ask for softening. Jesus is the way. Love is the way. Truth is the way. Serving and helping giving and teaching and building up is the way. Pull on those hearts listening and let's go! In Jesus name we pray, Amen.

  • Ending on a song note, talking about changed hearts. Kanye changed his heart. Or better stated God changed Kanye's heart. Yes, Kanye West. Check this out. In the editorial of his latest album 'Jesus is King' he tells Apple in the Editor's note...

  • Click HERE to listen to the podcast of this post and the song.

  • If this song doesn't pump you up to action I'm not sure what will. Going back to the Kanye well. This song is called Selah. If you dig, please give Kanye some love for his latest work and subscribe. Now go, serve in action from you heart, love your neighbor and neighboring communities...


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