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Unlikely Affirmations: Rogan/Oliver

  • Yes! You are in! I love affirmations from unlikely sources. Click here to listen to the 'Play of the Day', a first from this platform and from one dude who suddenly went from unknown to limelight.

  • Wow! So interesting. Thank you Casey K. for bringing that listen to my attention. That was Oliver Anthony singer/songwriter who got thrusted into fame with his heart rendering song of Rich Men North of Richmond.

  • Joe Rogan is no Bible Banger. Some things he says I agree with and others I don't. Yet I'm grateful when any interviewer will actually harness free speech and let someone share their Faith. That is what happened on this episode.

  • And as much as people want to politicize Oliver Anthony, some read claim him and some blue claim him, he spoke/sang from his heart. Whether you are red, blue, purple or other, we can't deny that we have a serious anxiety and depression problem with our civilization. And we have a solution that is way more effective than drugs for drugs and alcohol are temporary. It's like putting a band aid on a massive head wound. Anthony shares how 99% of that angst went away when he started turning to God.

  • This rag-tag podcast has been at this for 200+ episodes, getting real and pursuing Truth. Sharing what works. And even though this podcast is a fraction of a fraction of Joe Rogan's audience, I'm so grateful that Oliver had a chance to shine Light on such a large stage.

  • You've also heard us say that we are in the Hope and Encouragement business. That Play of the Day is absolutely Hope.

  • So how often are you in the Word? And are you reading to try to be good or do you truly want wisdom and strength. For the latter will be rewarded. Ask for wisdom and it will be given to you...check James 1:5.

  • Of course also check Proverbs. A ton of wisdom in that ancient Jewish book.

  • Did you catch the Romans 3:23 moment in that play of the day? Versed listeners, you know what I'm talking about.

  • For the super versed there was also a moment, profoundly. We can make all the plans in the world. We are fooling ourselves if we don't check them with God. For God's plans will prevail. Check Pro 19:21. Super hard and most dudes don't want to do that. Heck, it's a battle just getting Dudes to show up for Bible study and actually want wisdom.

  • To hear more of that episode, I'm warning you it's not squeaky clean yet it is raw with moments of Light. You can hear more at The Joe Rogan Experience, #2027, Oliver Anthony

  • Thank you Joe Rogan for letting Oliver speak freely. Oliver thank you for having the guts to share the Word on such a large stage. I don't think it is an accident that God is leveraging you. Anyone that is versed in the Bible knows that God loves to use the least likely to do his greatest works.

  • So now Go, love God with all your heart, soul and mind. Getting into God's Word is a great way to do that. My favorite is the book Matthew in a New Living Translation Bible. Definitely check out Proverbs and John and James and so many more. And love others, share Hope with them, encourage them. As we all know, this world definitely could use some more Love and Hope.


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