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  • DJTommyP

"Every Marriage is...Flawed"; Chapter 1, The Perfect Marriage Lie

  • If you are married or looking to get married, this series is for you. The audiobook version of "Every Marriage is...Flawed".

  • You know those marriages or couples that you thought were perfect and end up divorcing/breaking up. How and why? That is exactly what is tackled in Chapter 1: The Perfect Marriage Lie.

  • Truth, a book that I've been chicken to officially publish for over 10 years. Ironically, waiting for things to be perfect. No more. So, will you listen to this with your spouse or spouse-to-be? If you are in a small group, listen and discuss with them. If you feel worthy, share with any marriage you care about.

  • Let's break some of these myths vs. buying the lies that we are supposed to be 'happy' and 'perfect' all the time.

  • Without further adieu, click here to listen to Chapter 1: The Perfect Marriage Lie


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