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Giving Thanks for You!

Giving thanks for you! Hey, that isn't a stereotypical American thanksgiving shot. Exactly. You joined this rag-tag-bunch-of-flawed dudes and dudettes because you like to think outside the box. Giving thanks that you want Truth. Giving thanks that you are all over the world. Giving thanks that we strive to be in peace, love and unity via Christ. Love or hate? Giving thanks that you want more love in this world. Giving thanks that you are part of this little beacon and you want to shine more Light and Hope on others.

As part of our thank you, how can we best build you up and encourage you? Would you like to join us on a podcast? Is there a verse or tough question you would like us to tackle? A prayer request that you would like us to broadcast?

Bonus thanks, would you like to be part of the next teams for free? New groups forming now and we meet virtually. We promised you exclusive invites, insights and offers for being part of the FriDude family. So there you go. Your choice. Simply hit us up at the 'Contact' page at

Lastly, if you are up for a lift and a laugh, check out the latest from HotRod's kids dishing the dirt on him...Giving Thanks even if Your Dad is a Bad Driver

Whether you take us on on the above offers or not, just know that you are appreciated. We pray for you. We give thanks for you tuning in and sharing!

Now go, serve, love, tell someone else why you are thankful for them. 1 Thes 5:11


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