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Love is a Choice?

Love is a Choice?  Some call it the great 'Love' debate.  Below is a favorite poem of ours.  For some, they see it as clear as day.  For others, it is confusing.  What do you see?

Love is a choice.

A beacon of Truth that the blind cannot see.

A plague of darkness that has besieged a nation.

Dividing most families and forcing kids to move around like traveling salesmen.

But Mom will cry out, “What about my happiness?”

Her child will retort, “So your happiness is more important than mine?”

I want what is best for my kids they say blindly.

Failing to realize that one roof on a foundation of chosen love is what their families require.

For most, the myth of ‘falling’ traps them in darkness.

Falling for the myth of a soul mate via social media such as FakeBook or Instabrag.

A soul mate is not something one falls into.

A soul mate is a status that must be earned and maintained like a platinum status on an airline.

To marry, both must choose.

To divorce, one must choose.

One must choose inaction to neglect.

One must choose to love with action.

Falling, falling for a lie.

For this lie will empower your marriage to die.

Choosing to love is the Truth.

Finding this Truth is what will heal the blind to see.

A gift for your kids and generations on...a legacy.

-C. Siate

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