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Storms of Life

Storms of Life

COVID-19 is the latest storm waking up and keeping many up around the world.  It is serious.  It is historic.  As history will dictate, this pandemic will peak and go...eventually.  For you, what other viruses/storms are eating away at you, your marriage/family?  Addiction, anger, jealousy, betrayal, cancer, economic, etc.

With these storms, you attempt to go in the right direction with your relationships (marriage and family/friends) and it back fires?

Welcome to humanity and every relationship in the world.  You most likely need to own/apologize for something.  In your mind, no doubt the other side has to own/step up.  This post is going to encourage you to think deeper.  Perhaps you don't believe in God.  Can we at least admit that good and evil exists on this earth?  So when storms arrive, where do you go for guidance?  If you look to yourself, it's you and your ego.  That can be trouble.  When you go to others for guidance, have they gone through similar storms?  If you have marriage issues, do the ones you reach to have strong marriages?  Have they been divorced?  Do they have a strong family?  Do they own their mistakes?  How do they handle storms?

As the saying goes, 'Misery Loves Company'.  There is a group that doesn't want you to succeed.  There's a group that is going to encourage you to do the wrong things.  They want to drag you down with them.

On the flip side, there's another saying that 'Birds of a Feather Flock Together'.  Are you surrounding yourselves with marriages and families/friends that work?  Are you real with each other during storms and share best practices?  Do you encourage one another?

Wisdom and Truth.  Study others.  Storms will happen.  Implement what works and avoid what doesn't.

Google Matt 7: 24-27

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