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Strange Love

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Yes! You are in! You ready for some strange love? This is one of the best messages I have ever heard on the subject of love. So good, that is my dream that all in this world will hear it, understand it and best of all practice it...Strange Love by Dr. Lorrits…

Amazing! Strange Love. You need it. I need it. They need it. Everyone needs it. You want to live in a fractious home or society? Of course not. Christians, it should start with you. You are commanded to do this…strange love. You may think you are high and mighty. Go back to Hosea and read God’s words to him. You are flawed just like the one that drives you crazy. Ok, flawed in different ways perhaps, flawed never the less. Would you please forward this to every Christian you know? Click here for the podcast of Strange Love and reaction from some of the FriDudes. You can also get the entire special message from Dr. Bryan Lorrits and Pastor Ricky Jenkins on June 6, 2020. Here is the link for the entire message and service...

So Christians, are you going to swallow the bait of provocation or will you offer strange love? Easier said than done, I must admit. Are you trying to change someone or are you loving them? Easier said than done. Is your goal to win a debate and lose the love war? Which relationships have your burned or destroyed over your ego? Which ones will you destroy over your ego? Is Jesus really your savior? If so, time for some of you including me to step our game up. Strange Love wins. Love is greatest of all.

Ending on a song note, any 80’s kids out there? So I Googled ‘Strange Love’, a few songs showed up. One by Halsey. Definitely not the one to end on. And then I see ‘Strange Love’ by Depeche Mode. Googled the lyrics and they are interesting to say the least. Hey, if you been sticking with us long enough you know we are not afraid to end on a tongue in cheek song. We are not perfect. We need ‘Strange Love’ and so do you. So give Depeche Mode some love and add it to your play list and also bookmark’s Dr. Bryan Lorrits is Strange Love on your YouTube. Odds are you are going to need to listen to it again and again and again. Now, go, serve and love, especially strange love...


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