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When a Marriage is Dead as a Doornail...

Your marriage may be done right now.  You may have not even chosen that.  Perhaps you are fighting to get it back.  If you have read enough of this blog, you will know this author has personally coached/witnessed several marriages back from the dead.  Two in particular were after nasty divorces (one 4 years of no talking after the break).  You talk about dead.  Dead as a doornail.  So doubters and I don't blame you, how?!  God.

You can debate if God exists.  You can't debate these results.  These are real life back from the dead case studies.  If you choose to believe in God and test with reading the Owner's Manual (Bible), you know it says "Anything is possible with God".  Anything.  Google:  Luke 18:27, Mark 10:27; Matt 19:26, Phil 4:13, etc.).

Still doubt?  I'm personally telling you that I would be divorced if it wasn't for the teachings in Matt 7:24-27.  Without my wife's mercy, grace and forgiveness, we would be done.  Our house would not have survived the storms.

Want to learn more?  Listen to one of this authors favorite speakers on this subject...

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