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Who Are You Trying to Make Happy?

  • Who Are You Trying to Make Happy? That's what we recently tackled. It can be a very frustrating experience. Trying to make him or her happy. Just like those two young bucks in the pic. I'm sure they are happy in that moment. Give them enough time together and they'll be on each other's nerves. Eventually you end up in conflict. What up? Welcome to the relentless pursuit of trying to make flawed people happy. Intrigued? Check out the 'Play of the Day' featuring Jase Robertson and then we break it down. Click HERE for the podcast and insights on that subject.

  • If you are newer or looking for a FriDudes group or want to start your own. It's so easy. We have a place for you to get more real and pursue truth. Or maybe you are digging the Deeper Series and you wrote a letter as mentioned by Casey in that latest episode. You can email Casey aka Jogging Jesus direct at or click on 'Contact Us' page and put in message that you are looking for small group or ask us anything!


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