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Why Do We Write Things Down?

"In this world, there are people who will complain about what's wrong and then there are those that actually will do something about it."

Yes! You are in! 51 countries and counting. Special shout out to our listeners in Germany and Denmark and New Zealand. Greetings from the Coachella Valley, CA. Home of the thee Coachella Music Festival...where the biggest names have played and where the smaller names get their break to the world music scene. And Yes! We get Deep here in Crazy Cali. James from Compton and I are running with Coachella Dudes. If you are in the area, hit us up at the 'Contact Us' page at Or if you are starting your own Dudes group let us know and we'll put you on the map. Not sure what to do, learn and emulate how these flawed dudes tune in and determine truth. Case in point, another BTR from 19...Why do we write things down? Here you go...oh side note, for those scratching your heads this was recorded back by the Minnesota FriDudes...

Click here for the full listen...Why Do We Write Down and Share?

Ready to get in a group or get your group to further tune into your purposes and sharing with others to hold you accountable? Go to


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