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Are You Afraid to Die?

  • Are you afraid to die? If you say yes, you are the majority of this world. This group is clearly not the majority. Their answers may very well surprise you. Why? Here you HERE to listen to the entire episode.

  • Thanks for joining FriDudes this week. Are you still afraid to die? It's okay. It just means you are human and not sure of all this. Or maybe you're sure or kind a sure yet you are having a good time on this broken planet. As hard as life can be on this earth, and yes it can be brutal and some of you have lived it. The earth can also have moments of joy and love. My theory. This life on this broken planet is a test. We get a taste of what heaven is like at times. We also get a taste of what hell can be like at times. Then you get to choose. Do you want the life that tasted like heaven or hell? I bet most of you never thought of it that way before. You are just living in the moment, whether good or and s-sandwich. I believe God put the loved ones that you so cherish in your life to teach you how to love. God put them there to show you how much God loves you. For those that have suffered a severe loss, you are not alone. Many within FriDudes have as well. So why do they press on in Hope? Because this broken planet isn't just it. It is a test. For those still doubting, check out Imagine Heaven that Greg and Casey endorsed and judge it for yourself. Then Google John 3 and judge it for yourself. Hope rules. Hopelessness sucks. If you are able, and still in doubt, will you lift a prayer with me? God, if you are real will you show me? In John 3 it says if I choose to believe in Jesus that I will have eternal life away from this broken planet. An eternal life what is the best and beyond of this world. You gave me a taste of that beauty with your nature and the loved ones that I whole dear in my heart. I would love the clarity and confidence. Will you please give the wisdom to help better understand? In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

  • If you prayed that, would you let us know. Simply go to and hit the contact us page. One of us will follow up with you to answer any questions. We'll even send you a free Bible to help you better understand. Bonus, we'll send you "Imagine: Heaven". book as well.

  • On the flip side, maybe you get all this stuff. Ok, how are you doing sharing this Hope with your loved ones? I bet most of you are struggling. Here's my best practice. Tell them you love them. Tell them if heaven is for real than they are absolutely someone you hope to be with in eternity. If you struggle with the words then will you share this? Ask your loved one to give this episode a shot and ask if you can discuss it over coffee or lunch or _________. At a minimum, they may think you are weird, at least you know they are someone that you cherish that much for eternity. That's the Truth Ruth!

  • Ending on a song note, so many of you are hurting and struggling. This is part of your test. How do you handle it? Whom or what do you go for help? God knows and I'm going to encourage you to go to Him more. Build a relationship with Him like Casey or Bold or Rick or Nate or Peter or _________. This is "God Only Knows" by King and Country. If you dig, will you give them some love and add it to your playlist. Now, go, serve, love, love God, love your neighbors and neighboring communities...


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