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Bad Dad or Good Dad?

Did you have a good dad or a bad dad? Or probably somewhere in the middle. Regardless, you definitely have/had a flawed earthly dad. Below is one of our favorite episodes ever. Wherever your dad ranks, this listen applies. This is a message of Hope. Bigger picture, you tired of shootings, addictions, overdoses, etc.? We will not be changing anything without changed hearts. What if you had an Ultimate Father that encouraged your heart? What if you had and Ultimate Father that is in the heart changing business?

Click here for a gripping listen about a little boy named Jon that grew up with a violent alcoholic dad and how things turned around. If that isn't enough, listen to what Denzel Washington and Maya Moore have to say on the subject. Lastly, if your earthly dad did a good job or you know dads doing a good job will you share this listen with him and tell him thank you? If you didn't, would you share this with others that didn't have the best or maybe didn't even have a dad?

Change starts in the heart. Let's keep encouraging one another with what works.


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