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  • DJTommyP

Bill and Nancy!

Bill! Nancy! Unless you went to a certain church (Hosanna) in Lakeville, you may not know who they are. Yet for those that do know them, they are blessed. They aren't perfect. They did dedicate their lives to sharing the perfect love of Jesus Christ. And sharing the Good News not just on Easter but 365 days per year.

The avid listener of knows that we love 'Plays of the Days', mic drops dedicated to sharing profound wisdom and Hope. If Pastor Bill was active today, he would have just as many if not more than Rick Warren, Bryan Lorrits. etc.. He was/is that type of strategic speaker with a blessing of humor to go with it. Clearly reflected in this episode dedicated to the life of an introvert called to knock on some doors. Never underestimate your 5 loaves and 2 fish and what God can do with them. If you haven't heard it yet, simply click here for an Easter treat for now or long after. A loving reminder for everyday, not just a holiday.

Much love, Happy Easter! And if you are having a tough time on this broken planet, all another reason to embrace Rom 8:28


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