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Chapter 6, Phil and Amy

Whether you are married or not, I bet you can relate to a relationship that starts off HOT! Eventually, it will go colder or even ice cold and you two will need to make a choice. Yes, love becomes a choice. Eventually to keep any relationship alive, you are going to have to make some choices. Do we keep working on this? Choosing to try. Choosing to forgive, show grace, mercy and choosing to Love with action. Action, sometimes, means change. Changing destructive behaviors and adding constructive ones. And yes, sometimes we need a counselor or coach to get there. So, without further adieu, click here for Phil and Amy, getting real and pursuing Truth. Some of you may recall this interview from a couple of years ago. In my mind, it is priceless and timeless and it makes the "Every Marriage is...Flawed" book. Sharing what works and didn't in their marriage...

BTW, for those in the know. This pic isn't of Phil and Amy. For now, they'll stay anonymous. Their testimony is very real.

BONUS QUESTIONS for your next date, couple or group time...

  1. What was your favorite part of what Phil and Amy shared? Why?

  2. This will take some guts to answer. Just like Phil and Amy boldly shared, which behavior(s) do you need to change? Since we are all flawed, there is always room for improvement. Do not let your pride get in the way. You confess what you could work on and then ask your spouse/significant other what you could work on. BTW, this question is ongoing for the life of your relationship. At least monthly, review and audit.

  3. Based on your answers above, how long have you been trying to change this behavior on your own? If for longer than a month, have you consulted a professional such as a therapist, counselor, pastor, etc, or relevant group that addresses above? Would you? When?


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