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  • DJTommyP

Deeper is Here!

Some of you are on the shore and unsure. Some of you are dipping your toes in the water. Some of you are going deeper and loving the fishing. Stick with us and you will be challenged. Challenged to deal with others and challenged to broaden your mind. The 'Deeper Series' is here to do just that...

  • What are your toughest questions?

  • How do we know the Bible is true?

  • Which books of the Bible befuddle you the most?

  • Which books of the Bible intrigue you the most?

This is your chance to jump in. Hit us up at the 'Contact Us' page or enter your question right here on this blog. In addition, for certain episodes, we are going to keep an open/rotating seat for you or a select FriDude.

Further intrigued, here is the first 'Deeper' episode...


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