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Do You SWOT?

Every major company you know and your very own military that defends you does this. You can do this. Not just at the New Year. Daily. At least quarterly...SWOT = Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats...


What's right?

List your habits that are working.


What's wrong?

List your habits that aren't working.


How can you improve? Actions and goals that leverage your strengths.


If you keep going certain directions, what is the worst thing that can happen? Actions and goals to counter your weaknesses. For example, if you keep neglecting your health (heart attacks, diabetes, cirrhosis of liver, cancer). If you keep neglecting relationships, destruction. Financial neglect can lead to bankruptcy or worse.

For the versed, all of the above prayed on and quality control checked with God (and his Word)...daily. Share with a select few to help hold you accountable.

Lastly, I don't share this because I have it all together. I share this because I may need above more than all of you combined. Truth, you do have room for improvement (Rom 3:23). That is why I'm so passionate about Greg's vision ( Early Dudes neglected accountability too long...including myself.

Write it down, act on it, onward and upward, iron sharpens iron



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