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  • DJTommyP

"Every Marriage is...Flawed"; Chapter 2, The Perfects

Do you know 'The Perfects'? You know, that family where everything is excellent. Kids are 4.0. They never argue. Marriage seems flawless. Pristine Christmas cards with a witty letter sharing all their amazing trips around the world. Envy-inducing Fakebook and Instabrag posts. How do they do it?

They pretend. Meanwhile, many buy-in thinking, "Wow, they have it all together. Why is my family so screwed up?" Here is the deal, 'The Perfects' are not perfect. They have issues. So how do we all navigate these issues? That is what we navigate in 'Chapter 2, Myth of the Perfect Family'. Click and listen to one's experience of who they thought were 'Perfect'.


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