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"Every Marriage is...Flawed"; Chapter 3, Do Fathers Matter?

  • In Chapters 1 and 2, we looked at flawed marriages and families. Most of those have very flawed husbands and fathers. Many fathers are absent as in gone/gone or married to their jobs. One side of our society say that Fathers don't matter. They say the nuclear family is dead. Truth, where we see the nuclear family dead or lacking, I see a lot of problems. In our largest cities to the suburbs, we see a lot of chaos.

  • Speaking of unmet expectations, some of you have been let down big time by your dad. You either had a terrible dad or a good dad or somewhere in between. Some say that has no impact? I bet we all can agree a bad Dad can have a negative impact. Yet, some say a good dad doesn't matter. I call BS on that. So does Maya and many more. Here is the Good News, you do have an ultimate Father that loves you more than you can ever realize. I'm not talking about your earthly Dad either. Of the 140+ episodes so far via FriDudes this is one of my faves and it makes the book. This one aired just before Fathers Day 2020. Here you go, Chapter 3, Do Fathers Matter? Give a listen and discuss with your spouse, a trusted friend or small group...

  • Discussion Questions

  • 1. How does your earthly Dad rank?

  • 2. Do you believe there is a heavenly Father that loves you more than you can imagine?

  • 3. Regardless of your answers above, did this Chapter 3 make sense? Do you see where Maya and others are coming from on the hope/love side?

  • Thanks for sharing! If you would like more insights and invites or would like to one or several of the FriDudes to speak at your next event, hit them up at Now, go, love and serve others. If you can follow that order, Your Heavenly Father, Your Spouse of your kids, and then your kids and others.


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