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FriDude Grant Runs for Camp Curty

Service ALERT! FriDude Grant is running for Camp Curty and the Curtis LeMair Foundation. Imagine losing your young son or daughter. In fact, some of you know that pain. If that doesn't tug on your heart, I'm not sure what will. Curtis is the son of FriDude Chad LeMair. Chad has blessed us with his presence via sharing his darkest days and giving us all perspective. BTW, once you attend FriDudes, you are a FriDude. We best rally around each other. At FriDudes, we are all about getting real and pursuing Truth. That includes getting Up, In and just important...Out. Out means we go out and serve and love others. Grant and Chad run it like Jesus talks it (Mark 12: 30-31).

Use your gifts and serve others. It is the key to your healing. It is key to filling your heart by filling others' hearts. If you have a 'Service Project' that you would like to promote. Contact us at and we'll let the world know. Check out Grant's summary below on why he is running and what the Curtis LeMair Foundation and Camp Curty is all about...and hopefully join us on this one...

Hello FriDude Family! On July 31, I will be running the Queen City (Marquette, MI) Half Marathon on behalf of the Curtis LeMair Legacy Foundation. Curtis was a 2018 graduate of Prior Lake High School and a highly fit 3-time Minnesota state wrestling medalist who was preparing to compete in his freshman season at Northern State (South Dakota) University. Unfortunately, Curtis passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 from sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

The Curtis Lemair Legacy Foundation has been created to honor Curtis LeMair. The mission of this foundation is to help SAVE lives and CHANGE lives in his name. Some specific focus areas include:

• Raise awareness of SCA in youth – SCA is the #1 killer of student athletes and it is preventable!

• Providing scholarships to graduating seniors

• Maintain and grow Camp Curty – a top-notch facility in Hoven, SD where young men can go to experience life-changing activities such as high level wrestling/mental toughness training, outdoor adventures, and talks about life/Curtis’s legacy.

In addition to awareness, I have come up with a FUN way to help raise FUNds for this wonderful organization! My fastest half marathon time ever is 1:30:14 (in 2018) and I would like to CRUSH that time!!! If I break 1:29:00, I ask you to consider contributing $25 to the Curtis LeMair Legacy Foundation (see comments below for a link to the website). If I DO NOT break that goal, I will personally contribute $25 on behalf of EACH of you that opt-in for this challenge (maximum $500).

Please respond in the comments with “I’m in!” or send me a personal message if you will commit to joining me in this fundraising challenge. Let’s work together to help the legacy of Curtis LeMair make a difference in this world!!!!

Please click here for more information on SCA and the Curtis LeMair Legacy Foundation


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