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Fringe 8: Patrick from Minneapolis, Facing White Supremacists, Anarchists and AR-15s

  • Despite the mayhem, you are back! Thanks for joining another special sesh. Racists, white supremacists, anarchists causing hurt and destruction. On the other side, you got people like Patrick. I believe he is part of the solution. Pulling night shifts with his neighbors, loving and protecting in N Minneapolis. Re pic above, that is not Patrick. We'll get him up. That would be OG FriDude Mikey F who is also part of the solution.

  • Word! Fringe you can debate God and Jesus and best path forward, very, very hard to argue results. Do you want a world with more hate or more love? Do you want a selfish/a-hole as a neighbor or someone like Patrick or Vaquero or MikeyF? If Patrick, he would stay up with you all night to help protect your house or business. If Vaquero, well, I know he'll at least lovingly correct you. Yes, that's a bit tongue in cheek. If MikeyF, he would take the shirt off his back for you. In all sincerity, we need more Patricks and Vaqueros and Phils and Mikey's in this world. BTW, you want some more Patrick. He debuted on Season 1, Episode 2, "Real Change. Positive North Minneapolis, published on 10/5/19. Real interesting perspective on the deeper issues affecting our society and how he proposes to solve.

  • You want to be pro-active? Here's Patrick's email and link to give to his church and Side Neighborhood Church...or click here and look for the box for North Side Neighborhood Church...

  • Give some love to the businesses mentioned by Patrick...

  • Ending on a song note, Patrick's choice and of course he's going Deep. Hey, he's a pastor with a loving heart. Here's, A Mighty Fortress is our God by Elevation Worship. If you dig, please add it to your playlist to help you chill out and get inspired to serve more. Now, go, serve, love your neighbor and neighboring communities...

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