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Fringe 7: What Happens When We Get It Wrong?

  • Thanks for joining the Fringe this week. What happens when we get it wrong? A lot! It's why many of you have stayed away from church. A church becomes more about jumping through hoops or protecting the abuser vs. the abused. It can go sideways fast. That's why I firmly believe in the separation of church and state, and that's coming from a Jesus believer. For your favorite Fringer that you know has been pushed away or ran away from church, would you share this podcast with them? Break it down. Talk about the Good, Bad and Ugly. When and if you decide to go back to church, my rule of thumb is simple. One, the church has to be more about Jesus and loving others vs. loving themselves. Do they work with the entire Bible? Not just bits and pieces that fit their agenda of hate or oppression or justification. Are they more about loving others than money for themselves? There's a Christian church out there for you. When things lift, I encourage you to give it another go. If you do have a church that you love and gets above right? Let us know and we'll plug it and let that community know it is Fringe friendly. Hit us up at and send us a message on the 'Contact Us' page.

  • Ending on a song note, you know what I love about the Fringe? I don't feel the pressure to end on a perfect song. We get to end on an edgy song sometimes. Now, this song isn't Vaquero endorsed. We'll see what he has to say about in Fringe 8. Confession, I really like Metallica. Shhhhhh. Don't tell anybody. What happens when we get it wrong? Master of Puppets comes to mind. Hey, I'm not just picking on certain churches here either. Think of North Korea or China or Russia. You don't talk like us. You don't believe like us. You are out. Listener. You are smart. You've been sticking with us because I'm certain you are not afraid to question. What is Truth? Who really wants Truth and who really just wants to control? You are most likely book smart. You may be street smart. Are you spiritually smart? Or are you just a puppet? Click HERE to listen to the Fringe 7 podcast again and/or share it with your favorite skeptic.


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