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GcrossSurf: Saban, Vision and Relentless?

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Nick Saban, vision and relentless? You either cheer for the guy, loathe him or could care less. That is what sparks this latest GcrossSurf episode. It's been awhile since we discussed GcrossSurf (aka Some of you have no idea what that is. Here's what you do know. You want to win. You want to win in life. Most don't want to be miserable and just go through the motions. Yet, odds are you are trying to do life and your desired changes on your own. Limited plan and definitely limited vision. You may have a financial plan. What about other key areas of life? How about where you keep stumbling? On the flip, are you truly leveraging all your God-given strengths?

That's what we tackle here. The power of Vision. To see things clearly and have trusted others around you to help hold you accountable. Love the takes from Greg and Young Buck Alex on this one. So here you go...

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