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Is Forgiveness Weak?

  • Do you think forgiveness is weak? If yes, I will say you are in the majority. If you are in the majority, does that make you right? Deep! Put that in your 'I'm always right pipe" and smoke it. We discuss it. Flawed dudes, striving for Truth and wisdom. Here you go! Click here for the entire Listen.

  • Word! Thank you for joining this week. Do you feel a bit wiser? I hope so. That is our goal. Truth works. So, what hurt are you holding on to like a blankey? Many of you haven't thought of it that way have you? Love and hate are passion. How much time and passion are you giving to what you hate?

  • 14 For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. Matt 6: 14-15. I call that an "Oh Snap" verse. Hard to debate it right? So you are flawed. You have screwed up just like Jonah. You clearly want to be forgiven. Then you must forgive others that have hurt you too. Two-way street.

  • If you are ready to let go and let God, here is a suggested prayer that for some of you will feel like taking a 1,000 pounds off your shoulders. Father, you know my hurts. You know my grudges and struggles. I give them over to you. I'm sick and tired of holding on to these burdens too long. You know how to handle these people that have hurt me. You know how to handle these circumstances better than me. I give them to you as I humbly ask you to forgive me. Amen.

  • There you go. Feel lighter? I hope so. BTW, some things are impossible to forget. When they creep in, simply lift it back to God. You may be lifting daily. Do it enough. You will experience peace. Not my promise. It is God's, check out Phil 4: 6-7.


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