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Stronger: Body

Yes! You are in. We forge ahead with Stronger. Weight loss plans all over the ads and for obvious reasons. Most of us weigh our heaviest this time of year. Here is your play of the day.

Whether you want to weigh less or more. Eat better or less. Drink less. Whatever goal that can make you healthier. I bet if you try Dr. Leman's recommendation, you would be 10X more likely to succeed. Now, I know that would be extremely embarrassing for most of us. So, take my earlier advice, share it with a few trusted confidants that will be sure to encourage you long after January.

For those that believe in God, fact check. Did God put you on this earth to punish your body? I think we can call that a rhetorical question. So, how are you doing taking care of that body God gave you? For you that are Deeper, you know the importance of nutrition in Daniel. God gave us perfect foods. Just like everything else, we humans twist and process everything to the point it hurts us.

If you are overweight or an addict, of course God still loves you. Don't let this turn into a negative. We are into fact checks here. You and I have something that we can do stronger to honor our God and this life and body that has been gifted to us.

Now, for those that do search Dr. Leman, you may say to yourself, he probably could follow his own advice on the health side. Couldn't we all? I love to encourage others yet I have plenty to work on. Dr. Leman is flawed, just like you and me yet he still has great advice. We all would do better actually following some of our own advice to others.

For those married, Dr. Leman did write one of my favorite books, that confession, I have to keep working on. It is called 'Sheet Music', if you are married and looking for some more heat, check that one out.

So those looking for a stronger body, here is what has worked for me. Way less sugar and carbs during the week. More protein and vegetables. Strong vegetables, green is good: broccoli, spinach, brussel sprouts, etc. I move my body at at least 4 times per week for 30 minutes. Walks are good. I don't kill myself on runs. I strive to keep my heart rate in zone 2. According to science, that is your fat burn zone. What is zone 2? 180 minus your age. If you don't have a smart watch to tell you your heart rate, Zone 2 is comfortable. You would be able to have a conversation in Zone 2.

Of course, we are going to lift it to God. All things are possible in Christ which strengthens me. Phil 4:13. I believe that verse can apply to being healthier and/or getting through the darkest times in your life. Ask God, do you want me to be healthier? If so, with whom should I share this? Who are the best people to help encourage me?

Truth, this is exactly what I did in January 2020. I set a weight loss and maintenance goal and I not only achieved it but maintained it throughout the year including through the holidays.

Fasting was new to me in 2020. Casey, aka Jogging Jesus, gets credit for encouraging that. There are clear spiritual and health benefits to it. I was so amazed that I wrote a post called "Fasting: That Sounds Weird" published on 8/31/2020. You can find that in our Blog at I strongly encourage you to check it out. I was shocked on how little I really need to function.

Oh and if you would like to hear more of Dr. Leman, check out "Starting Off the New Year Right" 1/1/21. Focus on the Family.

Ending on a song note, part of being stronger is moving your body more. I don't know about you but there are definitely songs that fire me up and get me moving. In fact listening to them make that walk or run or workout that much more enjoyable. Here is one of those songs for me, 'Act of God' by yep, Social Club Misfits. What L's in your life would you like to turn into W's this year? Rom 8:28 weights lifted right there. If you dig, give some love to Social Club and add them to your 'Stronger Play List', now go, fast as you can, share your goals with a a few trusted ones, ask God to help you, ask God is this what he want you to do, love and encourage others with Stronger....

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