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Stronger: Goals and the Faith to Achieve Them

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

  • Yes! You are in! As 2022 is now here, this is always a natural time of year where we reflect and start setting goals. Many call them 'New Year's Resolutions' and they will crash and burn before January is even done. Why? Well, I love that question. That is exactly what this episode tackles. You ready to get stronger? How and which goals are Biblical? Even weight loss? Better love life? Here is your 'Play of the Day' or simply search 'FriDudes' on your favorite podcast platform ("Stronger, Goals and Faith to Achieve Them", Season 3, Episode 87).

  • Thank you Pastor Rick for that latest. Did you dig that one like me? If it resonates, you are driven, at least for the moment, to do more in your life in 2022. Check out Daily Hope's latest series. That excerpt came from 'Pastor Rick's Daily Hope', entitled "Setting Personal Goals by Faith, Part 1" published on the 27th of December, 2021.

  • If you have been following FriDudes for a while, then you know why that 'Play of the Day' impacts big time. We call them 'affirmations' in the Faith business. For you the listener, you are not listening to this by accident. Do you really think God wants you coasting through life? Of course not. This life is a gift. Each day is a gift and opportunity to rise above. Of course, some days are sucky. Some are horrific. Yet, you are still alive. You are here. Listening to this right now. You may be depressed. You may be beat up. You may feel hopeless. Or maybe you are "good". Regardless, you absolutely have room for improvement. How do I know that? Check Rom 3:23. So for you in the 'sucky' part of life. You want out? Of course you do. If life is 'good', I bet you are in the comfort zone. Comfort zone = the fade zone. You are fading in parts of your life and you may not even realize it until you get blindsided with a heart attack or finding out someone has chosen to stop loving you. Brutal? Yeah, we don't sugar coat here. Some of you need tough love. Truth, we all need tough love at times.

  • So back to Pastor Rick's message of Hope and Goals. You are here. You absolutely matter. You have a purpose. And it is your job to find out. You want to be more content in life? Of course you do, then this quest to realize your purpose will fill your heart. How do you know when you get there? Check Phil 4:11. Yes, 4:11, it precedes 4:13 that most optimistic Christians quote. Paul says in Phil 4:11, "I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances."

  • Are you content in all circumstances? Any circumstance?! How about if $0 is in your bank account? How about after you lost a job? How about after losing a loved one? How about after being diagnosed with cancer? If not, then you have some goal setting to do. That pretty much means all of you, including myself.

  • If you call yourself a Christian, then I think Phil 4:11 is a strong measure of your maturity and strength. Since 99% of you listening are not there, including myself, we have some more goal setting to do. If you are an avid listener, then you know I've been leading small groups (men, women (couples) and youth for over 20 years. Do you know how many have been going through the motions? Most. We read a book or watch a video or go to Church, check a box and think we are "good"...yet we are not. Why? We are missing accountability. More important, many of us are not writing down goals and pursuing our purpose. Most important, many of us are not checking these goals with our Heavenly Father. Our creator. The One that gave us the gift of life and wired us for a purpose. No wonder why most of us are depressed. No meaning = no Hope. Meaning = Hope.

  • In order to have accountability, you actually need to write things down, review just about everyday with God and share with a few trusted Brothers or Sisters (in return, they will do the same with you). You'll need some tools and motivation. So next, check out the rest of Daily Hope's "Faith and Goals series". Then check out aka GcrossSurf. For now, it is still free if your church is signed up OR you simply go through Hit us up at the 'Contact Us Page' write 'GcrossSurf' in the header and we'll equip you. If you don't have a small group, we'll get you in one that will empower you and build you up just like 1 Thes 5:11.

  • So Happy New Year to you. Maybe this is the fire needed to be lit under your butt. Whether is it January or July when you are listening to this, welcome to a new day for the rest of your life. No matter how you started your life...finish strong! Now go, pray about your goals and purpose, check it with God, write them down, don't be afraid to make changes, live the rest of your life with Purpose as your creator designed for you so long ago. Phil 4:11 is possible. Doubt me? Just keep going to Phil 4:13.


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