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Was St. Patrick a Green Beer Party Monster?

Yes, you are in. Happy St. Patrick's Day!. Some of you are/were hungover. Been there and done that. If you are an avid listener, we are a bunch of flawed dudes pursuing Truth.

Vision leaks. Truth gets distorted. We humans love to do that. We twist and turn Truth to fit our agendas. What we've done with St Patrick is an excellent example of that. Some of you knew that. Most still think it is meant to be a day of luck and getting f'd up. As said in the opener, if you think I'm trying to rip on you, I have been there and done that. On this front, I can't point fingers. I can just share the Truth. Intrigued? Click here for your Play of the Day. Here's the deal. When you stand up for Truth. You are most likely going to get knocked down. You will be mocked. You may be persecuted especially when it goes against the ways of the world. That is the truth Ruth! Check Matt 5 and pretty much the whole Bible.

Here's the deal. Do you share Truth in a loving way or an arrogant way? There is a big difference. There is a reason one of our top episodes is the Fringe: Thou Shall Not Be a Dick. Just know this, If you share Truth in a loving way and are mocked, now you have a feel of what Jesus walked through. Ponder that.

Ending on a song note, this is 'Stand My Ground' by Zach Williams. I'll confess this from a self-proclaimed people pleaser, this is much easier said than done. So if you do stumble, cower or flinch, give thanks for the grace, mercy and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. You will not stand ground without his Strength. Give Zach some love and add this to your 'Standing Your Ground'; play list, now go, love others, share Truth in a loving way, serve them in a loving way, the more you do that, the more likely they'll be open to Truth...


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