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What is Success?

One freak accident on the field and Damar becomes a focal point for many. Truth, we are all one freak accident away from the ICU and fighting for our lives. Of course, we pray for Damar and complete healing in Jesus's name. I'm not sure on the depth of Damar's Faith. I do know his family asked for prayers (not just thoughts). And this picture (above) totally grabbed me. He's wearing crosses under his eyes. That tells me he has some depth to him. What about you? No, I'm not asking about your opinion on Damar...yet if you do have some Damar insights, please let us know. In fact, we did find more depth, check out this article via ESPN...

Back to you. Do you show depth in Christ? If you were/are fighting for your life today, how do people think of you? Do they know your love for Christ? Does your life's work reflect that? Hey, you can be an accountant and people know your love for Jesus. You can also be a pastor and be known as a jerk. Check out this Deeper take on your 'Calling'...

Another year and another opportunity to make a difference. Truth, every day, hour, minute and second is an opportunity to make a difference. For some reason, most of us use the New Year to make some goals and 80% of them die by month end. Regardless, what is success? If you love Jesus, check out his life reflection statement, "I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do." John 17:4

Are you doing what you want to do or what God wants you to do? Confession, I often do what I want to do. Truth, I am most fulfilled when I do what God calls me to do. Are you third soil living? What is that? Here's a little 11 minute video to give you or affirm your current wisdom level...

For many of you, time to dust off your life plans with God at the center, iron sharpens iron, your brother in Christ,



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