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  • DJTommyP

Enraged or Engaged?

To my beloved Dudes, thanks be to God guiding me back to the mission field of Coachella Valley, SoCal. Heads up, I'll be chasing down my SoCal Brothers and Sisters. Crazy Cali can make one go crazy. Unfortunately, I'm really good at getting enraged vs. engaged. I vividly recall riding my road bike amidst the paradise, surrounding mountains and palm trees in La Quinta. Instead of praising God for health, a bike and beauty, I was cursing Governor Newsom. The internal voice was clear as day, "You need to be praying for Gavin, not cursing him or anyone else". Wherever you fall on the political spectrum, one thing is clear, if we truly love Jesus Christ, we best be following His lead. We best be reflecting Him. Thanks to my neighbor Laguna, I went from complaining about the homeless to serving and loving them. That is what Jesus does, right? Matt 25:40

If you so dare, here is the deeper take from my Master's Program/Priority Living mentor, Bob Shank...

Matt 5:44

But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!


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