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Mountains of Life...Eyes to See

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Thank you God for eyes to see. Some see mountains with some clouds. Look closer and understand the area below the mountains is one of the least rainy in the world. Droughts are growing in China, Europe and the Western United States. However, this area of the world, the Coachella Valley has sustained life with virtually no rain for 1,000s of years. How? Those mountains...

Look closer and you'll recognize those are thunder heads. Cool Pacific ocean air rides into the mountains. The cooler climate up top, 5,000-10,000 feet up allows the clouds to form and hold. The heat from the valley makes it rise and steam up. Bizarre to see 'Flash Flood' alerts while living in the 100F+ heat of the summer in the desert...

That rain comes down the surrounding mountains (San Jacinto, Santa Rosa and San Bernardino) into the Coachella Valley and fills one of the largest underground aquifers in California. It is what puts the 'Springs' in the Palm Springs area. A true oasis in the desert...

So what are the figurative mountains in your life? Do you perceive them as a blessing or a curse? As a roadblock or a source? Did God put them there for a reason? If you need clarity, will you pray this? Heavenly Father, life on this broken planet can be extremely frustrating. I don't understand it all. Will you help me see things more clearly? Why did you put those mountains in my life? Or did I create some of those figurative mountains with my choices? Will you give me eyes to see what you truly see and understand?

We will have the precious gift of eyes to see and ears to hear. I so testify in the sacred name of Jesus Christ, amen. Matthew 4:24–25

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