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  • DJTommyP

The Fringe: Eating Vaquero Vegetables

Vaquero warned we would go here. After you listen, I'm certain we offended both sides. This is a lose/lose in hopes to find an eventual win/win. What does that mean? An opportunity for us all to look in the mirrors. You may be right. Well, we know you think you're right. As for us, we know we are not always right. When in conflict, we will strive to 'agree to disagree' in a peaceful way. At FriDudes, we refuse to make a bunch of flawed Republicans and Democrats our Gods. On the flip side, they are our elected leaders. Although it is impossible for us to agree with everything they do, it is our country and government/leadership. Giving thanks that we don't elect dictators and that we strive for a balanced system where parties can quality control each other. Although we may detest what some write/say, giving thanks that we do have a free press and freedom of speech to critique. Giving thanks that we have freedom of religion and the right to be an atheist or agnostic or Christian or __________. Giving thanks that we have the freedom to be wrong. Giving thanks that Democrats and Republicans and others come and go. If you believe in God, then you cannot argue that God gave us freedom to choose.

So are you butt hurt? Fragile? Angry? Truth and logic will prevail. Your tongue reflects your heart. We said that we would listen and discern, the good, bad and ugly. We are not done yet. Please click HERE to listen to this one or reflect again. To be continued...


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