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Who are you Encouraging?

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

Of course we pray for a Happy Easter for you. Truth. Many of you will have a tough Easter. Many of you have lost loved ones. Some of you have lost jobs. Quite a few of you or definitely someone you know has lost Hope.

Easter = Hope. When in doubt, bet on Hope because, well...hopelessness sucks.

How can God allow a world with death, plagues, divorce, murder, rape, fill in the _________? A question that I don't blame anyone asking. Been asked a trillion times+ over history. Question back for you. How can God let this world torture and nail his Son to the cross? If true, God did. If true, you are not alone in your suffering. If true, it is a promise that we will have tough times, we will lose loved ones, and jobs and ___________. We are also promised that we will not live on this broken planet forever. That there is a promise of an eternal life. Your choice to accept it.

As we say, very easy to debate God. Very hard to argue with results. Listen to the case studies of real life results in our podcast. Most recently, G and Jeff step up on 4/10/20 episode, "Easter: Hope vs. Hopelessness". If you already believe, would you pray on and share with those in your circle that need encouragement? If they are skeptics, agnostics or atheists, share 'The Fringe Series' and ask for their critical opinion. For others in your circle that do call themselves Christians, then share the general podcast normally published on Fridays or Saturdays.

Action: Make a list. Reach out and encourage a loved one each day with the pod and/or an act of service/kindness. You really believe in this Jesus Dude? Read again some of his last words at the end of Matt 28. Now go, share, serve, encourage, love.


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